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At Security Cams, We think our best asset is the passion that goes into every detail. We’re obsessed with quality and care, which means customers can count on us for their unique designs as well as innovative technology without breaking your bank account!

We’re excited to be able help you put your mind at ease. Our cameras are some of the best-selling dash cams online, and we believe that it’s due in large part because our commitment towards customers has been nothing short but 100% satisfaction guaranteed! When someone buys one from us they know exactly what their money will get: quality hardware backed by exceptional service from start till finish – there are no hidden fees or surprises down this road.

We are always happy to help our customers with any questions about the products. We believe that it’s because we have a commitment towards each and every one of you, which shows in how hardworking your customer service team works!

We are committed to making the best dashboard cams in order for us all deserve a spot on your car’s side mirror. Our innovative strategies and strong customer service will keep you coming back time after time.  To become the leading brand in dash cams, we are pursuing  maintaining a strong commitment to our customers. We thank everyone who supports us as they help make this possible!

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The Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera

There is no better time than now to get outside and experience all of the things that winter has waiting for you. From skiing, mountain biking or skateboarding- there’s something here just right for every member in your family! But remember not being able hold a phone while enjoying these different adventures? That’s where we come into play with our high quality video equipment so they can be captured securely on film without any worries about dropped signals due hanging up delicate electronics during transportable activities such as this one does happen from time -to–time. You know what would make it even more fun? If you were able share them too friends/family via social media

The Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera is the perfect way to capture high-level, incredible video on your next adventure. It has two recording modes – front and back cameras that can be turned independently or simultaneously record 4K quality 1080p videos with up to four hour long playback time! You won’t have any weather problems either; this little device was designed water resistant so you’ll never miss those moments as they happen before us
The app available through connect provides access for advanced features such slow motion photography among others – all at our fingertips thanks again innovative technology created by innovators.

We’re here to help you with any questions, so feel free leave them below and we’ll get back as soon possible.  If there’s anything else I can do for my customers just let me know!

M.D. Sullivan


10 thoughts on “About Security Cameras – Security For Your Family”

  1. Being able to record photos and videos with a camcorder while you are exploring, is the ideal situation to be in. And even better if it can be hands free and you can capture shots that you might not otherwise have seen. 

    I am curious to know more about the Rexing A1 two way camera that you mention. Can this be mounted on an off-road vehicle, or is it a camera that needs to be carried by the user? Thank you. 

    • Hi Line Cowley! Thanks for the comment! I beleive you can attach the cam to just about anything. Refer to customer service for further help. 😉

  2. Your dash cams seem to be incredible. The Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera seems to be perfect for taking pictures in all kinds of weather and must give incredible results. It is great to know that you receive two cameras for use and pictures can be shared by social media. How secure is the stand? Must it be fastened to the ground especially under windy conditions? If taking pictures on a hill, how does it maintain the proper camera shot? This seems like a great camera to buy but I simply want to be sure of the product first. Is it possible to come by for a complete demo of the product?

    • Hey Toplink! Thanks for the comment!   Those are good questions. Contact customer support on the Rexing link. They will be happy to discuss those issues. Im sure they can come up with some solutions.

  3. Security cameras are the first thing most people think of when they mention video surveillance.

    It is logical that they are the first association for video surveillance because they are the most visible and many do not even know what is behind the “screen”. Video surveillance equipment usually consists of security cameras, camera mounts, video surveillance cables, digital recorders (recorders), storage space (hdd) and all this makes one set of video surveillance.

  4. Great timing for this article as we have just been evaluating our current home security system and looking for ways to upgrade. We’ve got some options that we’ve been really happy with, and some that we think could be better. We haven’t yet picked out dashcams for our cars, but that is the next thing on our list. Is a solo one going to seem like enough footage, or do you recommend dual cameras?

    • Hi Aly! Thanks for the comment! There are many models of cams out there. Each model has different specs. So Im sure you can find just the right one for you. Just go to customer service on the Rexing Site. )

      I’ll add a direct link to customer service on my home page. 

      (I like the Dual, lol)

  5. The safety of the children and the home is every parent’s desire. Security cameras are undoubtedly one of the tools needed to keep the home safe. Installing cameras in my home has helped reduce some stress for us.I got every corner of the house under my eyes day and night. The only problem I have is storage because we are using the app. It takes a lot of space.

    • Hi Bethel!  Thanks for the comment.  I don’t have that problem. Most apps i use, streams the video to the cloud or web. Then I can review, save and download to a hard drive/Portable hard drive. I have several apps on my phone (Quite a few, lol) Thanks 


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