The best body camera for law enforcement and security guards

  • Product: Rexing P1 Body Worn Camera
  • Price: $119.99 (Retail)
  • Cheapest Place to Buy:  Rexing or Amazon
  • Size or Type: 1080p Full HD
  • My Rating: 9.0 out of 10 (Great Quality)

1080P FHD Night Vision Camera

The 1080P FHD Night Vision Camera is an excellent choice for those who need high-quality video of their activities. It has infrared LEDs that can capture footage up to 50 feet away in pitch black darkness, which makes this device ideal if you’re looking records events or takes pictures at night time while traveling with friends!

Built-in 64GB Large Storage & Loop Recording

Built-in 64GB Large Storage & Loop Recording – Keep all your video, pictures and audio recordings in one place with the built-in large storage for up to two weeks worth of work! No need transfer them over when it’s time save because our body cams automatically overwrite old footage so you don’t miss any important moments while on site.

Long Battery Life & 21x Optical Zoom

The Long Battery Life & 21x Optical Zoom – A powerful 3000mAh battery lets you record video for up to 10 hours, 11+ hrs of audio-only recording or 20 full sessions on standby. It’s great if your work shift is longer than what one charge can handle! Our P1 body camera has an exquisite zoom feature that will help ensure quality images are taken during every moment in time


The Rexing P1 body camera provides safety and protection with its PASSWORD PROTECTION feature, where you can set a password for the camera to avoid all recorded files being stolen or deleted. This means that videos cannot be accessed by anyone other than those who have access through connecting it onto your computer via USB cable–perfect if you’re looking protect yourself from would-be crooks! The high level of water resistance allows this product not only function properly outdoors during heavy rainstorms but also indoors under difficult conditions such as near windows which might receive lots sunlight due

Impressive 170° Wide Angle Lens

The world’s best law enforcement officers have the right equipment. For those who carry a weapon in their hands, this ultra-compact and lightweight camera is perfect for recording events as they happen with an impressive 170° wide angle lens that captures all around you without any distortion or loss of detail! When it comes time to protect yourself from danger use Police Panic Mode which produces loud siren sounds along side flashing lights so no suspect can slip past your watchful eye

Product Summary

The product specifications of this surveillance system are as follows: 2” display; 64GB memory capacity for storing videos, images and other information collected by the camera. Camera can be used in police panic mode to allow officers easy access on site if there is an emergency situation requiring their attention quickly without having too much work otherwise put into making sure everything goes smoothly while they’re away from duty time which could potentially save lives or help solve crimes doing so! This model also comes equipped with night vision capabilities alongside IR technology allowing you see clearly even after dark. 

Warranty: When you purchase a product from Rexing, they provide an easy return policy and warranty that protects your investment. As long as the issue isn’t caused by physical or liquid damage then it will be covered under our 30 day hassle-free exchange period with up until 18 months of coverage available if registered within 90 days after receipt!

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