Rexing V1 Basic 1080p Dash Cam – Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

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  • Type: 1080p Dash Cam
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Thanks to the high-quality wide dynamic range (WDR) and hybrid infrared filter, this dash camera provides clear images even when there’s little light. You can also use it as a parking monitor -the unit will turn itself on automatically if you feel any vibrations!


The Sony Exmor IMX323 is a beautiful and high-quality camera that can record video in 1080p at 30fps. This wide dynamic range allows for optimal performance no matter what lighting condition you’re working under, which makes it easy to get great shots every time!


It’s easy to miss important details when driving with the standard lens. The Wide Angle Lens captures more of what is happening in front, behind and beside your car than any other angle!


The Rexing dashboard camera is the perfect solution for any driver who has ever been involved in an accident. With a built-in G sensor, this device can automatically detect shaking or collision and lock footage so that it doesn’t get overwritten even while loop recording! This means you’ll never miss out on important moments during your commute again because of accidents – just take some time to relax knowing they’re safely stored away until needed.


Signature low-profile design allows the V1 Basic to be a well hidden witness behind your eyes.

The PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS of the FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder with Sony Exmor Video Sensor are as follows:  The 2.4″ LCD screen provides a wide angle view that is 170 degrees horizontal and vertical; it also has an anti-glare finish making night driving easier on your eyes! There’s even G-sensors for accurate tracking along roads or curves without using landmarks-, WDR ( Wide Dynamic Range ) technology which captures detail in both bright light areas like sunny skies overhead while preserving more shadowed ones nearby–perfect if you’re trying to capture vehicles drives through certain spots

Warranty: When you purchase a product from Rexing, we want to provide an easy return policy and warranty that protects your investment. As long as the issue isn’t caused by physical or liquid damage then it will be covered under our 30 day hassle-free exchange period with up until 18 months of coverage available if registered within 90 days after receipt!

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